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Oktober 21, 2009

Terjemahan inggris indonesia

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Contoh terjemahan kami: MAKING ECONOMICS SIMPLEtranslate
After outlining these terjemahan inggris indonesiageneral goals, translate indonesia inggristhe authors propose twenty speci c “standards.” These focus on more detailed points and again do so in terms that tend to ignore how complex reality often is. terjemahan inggris indonesiaThey also frequently fail to address the most important issues. A few examples of these “standards” and the multitude of issues they raise will suf ce to illustrate the shortcomings of this simplistic view of the world. jasa penerjemahStandard 3: “People, acting individually or collectively through government, must choose which methods terjemahan inggris indonesiato use to allocate different kinds of goods and services” (p. 250). jasa translator indonesia inggrisThere is no discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each of these fundamentally different approaches, nor under which conditions each of them would be more appropriate. Standard translate indonesia murah4: “People respond predictably to positive and negative incentives” (p. 250). terjemahan inggris indonesiaThis overlooks important differences not only among individuals, but between groups of people. terjemahan indonesia inggrisFor instance, there is a great deal of evidence that women and men often respond differently to the same incentives, whether because of differences in biology or in socialization. translate indonesia to englishTwo
examples are that women, on average, are more risk averse than men, and that the elasticity of the supply of labor is not the same for women and men.terjemahan inggris indonesiaStandard 8: “When supply or demand changes, market prices adjust” (p. 250). translate indonesia inggris translate inggris indonesiaThis type of claim supports the view that economists have attempted to pattern their thinking after the physical sciences, where processesare governed by natural laws, although this analogy is often inappropriate.
There is nothing automatic about the adjustment of market prices; nterjemahan inggris indonesiaot only are the adjustments often slow, they are also uncertain. translate inggris indonesiaOne of the most obvious examples is the existence of prolonged unemployment rather than rapid adjustments in the labor market that lead rapidly to a new equilibrium. terjemahan inggris indonesiaStandard 10: The authors ask students to “compare and contrast the incentives an individual might face in serving as an elected ofcial, thejasa terjemahan jakarta
owner of a small business, the president of a large company, and the director of a local United Way of ce” (p. 253). Also, among institutions mentioned here are banks, labor unions, corporations, legal terjemahan inggris indonesiasystems, and not-for-pro t organizations. Nowhere do they mention the family, arguably the most fundamental institution in most societies. jasa pembuatan paid reviewThis omission is regrettable in part because it allows students to ignore that incentives for heads of families are likely to be very different than terjemahan inggris indonesiathose for, say, CEOs. jasa terjemahan murahHad the authors not overlooked this important institution, they might have been less likely to make the claim that “responses to incentives are predictable because people pursue self-interest” (p. 252). Standard 13: “Income for most people is determined by the market value of the productive resources they sell. butuh jasa trenslateWhat workers earn depends, primarily, on the market value of what they produceterjemahan inggris indonesia and how productive they PRE-COLLEGE ECONOMICS EDUCATIONjasa translate inggris indonesia murah

are” (p. 251). translate indonesia inggrisIt would be a rare student who would not interpret this to mean terjemahan inggris indonesiathat people’s incomestranslate online are entirely comprised of what they earn through their own efforts, thus ignoring income derived from wealth. jasa terjemahan murahAdmittedly, such income is insignicant for most people, but it is enormously important for a small minority, who receive a surprisingly large part of total income in virtually all countries. translate onlineOne may also terjemahan inggris indonesiawonder how many students are aware that the value of productive resources is likely to be in uenced by market imperfections, such as barriers to entr y, discrimination, and more generally, by monopoly as well as monopsony power.translate super murah

ENGAGING STUDENTS IN ECONOMICSterjemahan inggris indonesia
Although this critique has already pointed out a number of sins of omission, along with many sins of commission, it would be incomplete without pointing out one more serious issue that these guidelines fail to address. jasa penterjemah indonesia inggrisThey show no concern terjemahan inggris indonesiaabout students who nd little in economics as it is taught now that is relevant to the world they know, particularly women and members of minorities,4 but also young people of working-class background.terjemahan inggris indonesia
Thus, little or no information is provided about issues that would be of special concern to these students, including nonmarket work, discrimination, terjemahan inggris indonesiaand problems of inner cities; nor in the U.S. is information provided about concerns more speci c to other countries and cultures. terjemahan inggris indonesiaIndeed, these are topics that might well generate greater interest among all
students. Lack of concern with such problems, endemic to the eld of economic education in general (viz. Becker 1997, and the Symposium in the Journal of Economic Education 1996) dooms any efforts to get more students engaged with economic issues, let alone to encourage them to go on to other courses to learn more about them. This is hardly surprising when the economics profession chooses to award the high honor of the Nobel Prize to scholars who develop a terjemahan inggris indonesiabetter way of evaluating stock options, jasa alih bahasabut all too often neglects those who have contributed to our understanding of such developments as the increasing inequality of income, the changing role of women throughout the world, the failure of the longest economic expansion in U.S. history to raise wages, and better ways to have real reform in welfare systems. This goes a long way toward explaining its continuing failure to raise the level of economic literacy among the general population.terjemahan inggris indonesia

In sum, terjemahan inggris indonesiathe Siegfried and Meszaros guidelines neither help instructors teach their students more about the economy and how it operates, nor encourage them to emphasize how complex the world is, and how important it is to beware of those who would pretend otherwise. Thus, the authors of the National Voluntar y Content Standards do not heed the minimalterjemahan inggris indonesia

Menuju jasa terjemahan terbaik

jasa alih bahasaAkhirnya, setelah sekian lama kami membantu teman-teman semua, kini kami menjadi salah satu jasa penerjemah yang terbaik. terjemahan inggris indonesiaTerbukti dengan semakin banyaknya klien kami yang bergabung dan menggunakan jasa kami. Baik itu dari perusahaan, instansi, pemerintahan maupun perorangan. Tapi itu tidak membuat kami merasa puas diri. Kami selalu memberikan pelayanan yang terbaik dan akan terus selalu menjadi yang terbaik.terjemahan inggris indonesia

Cara menggunakan jasa terjemahan kami sangat sederhana yaitu :

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1. MSword
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6. Dan lain-lain (dalam bentuk tulisan dan masih bisa terbaca)

1. Kami memberikan hasil terjemahan dalam format :
– ukuran kertas : A4
– huruf : Courier New
– spasi : ganda
– font : normal (12).
2. Kami menjamin kerahasiaan Dokumen anda.

– Pembayaran dalam bentuk DP (Down Payment) dan sisanya setelah hasil terjemahan jadi secara Cash On Delivery – Atau melalui TRANSFER antar Bank

Kepuasan kami adalah ketika klien kami merasa puas dengan pekerjaan kami. terjemahan inggris indonesia Dan itulah yang kami lakukan setiap hari. Terimakasih pada klien kami baik itu mahasiswa, instansi pemerintahan dan perusahan yang telah mempercayakan naskahnya pada kami. Bagi yang belum bergabung, pintu kami akan selalu terbuka 24jam untuk anda. Sukses selalu…terjemahan inggris indonesia
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