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September 3, 2009

Terjemahan indonesia inggris

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Menuju jasa terjemahan terbaik

terjemahan indonesia inggrisAkhirnya, setelah sekian lama kami membantu teman-teman semua, kini kami menjadi salah satu jasa translate yang terbaik. terjemahan indonesia inggrisTerbukti dengan semakin banyaknya klien kami yang bergabung dan menggunakan jasa kami. Baik itu dari perusahaan, instansi, pemerintahan maupun perorangan. Tapi itu tidak membuat kami merasa puas diri. Kami selalu memberikan pelayanan yang terbaik dan akan terus selalu menjadi yang terbaik.terjemahan indonesia inggris

Kepuasan kami adalah ketika klien kami merasa puas dengan pekerjaan kami. terjemahan indonesia inggrisDan itulah yang kami lakukan setiap hari. Terimakasih pada teman-teman semua baik itu mahasiswa, instansi pemerintahan dan perusahan yang telah mempercayakan naskahnya pada kami. Bagi yang belum bergabung, pintu kami akan selalu terbuka 24jam untuk anda. Sukses selalu…terjemahan indonesia inggris
Anda adalah yang terbaik…

Terjemahan indonesia inggris

translateEnable host monitoring. “terjemahan indonesia inggris”When HA is enabled, hosts in the cluster are monitored and in the event of a host failure, the virtual machines on a failed host are restarted on alternate running hosts in the cluster.translate indonesia inggris

Admission control. “terjemahan indonesia inggris” This enforces availability constraints and preserves host failover capacity. Any operation on a virtual machine that decreases the unreserved resources in the cluster and violates availability constraints is not permitted.“terjemahan indonesia inggris”

Admission control policy. “terjemahan indonesia inggris” Each HA cluster can support as many host failures as specified.translate indonesia inggris
Default VM restart priority. The priority level specified here is relative. “terjemahan indonesia inggris” VMs will need to be assigned a relative restart priority level for HA. VMs will be organized into four categories: high, medium, low and disabled. translate indonesia inggrisIt is presumed the majority of systems will be satisfied by the medium setting and therefore will be left at default. VMs identified as high priority, such as the Active Directory VMs, will be started before the medium priority VMs, which in turn will be restarted before the VMs configured with low priority. If insufficient cluster resources are available, it is conceivable that VMs configured with low priority will not be restarted. “terjemahan indonesia inggris”To help prevent this situation, non-critical systems such as QA and test VMs will be set to disabled. translate indonesia inggrisIn the event of a host failure, these VMs will not be restarted, saving critical cluster resources for higher priority VMs.“terjemahan indonesia inggris”

Terjemahan indonesia inggris dan translate kedua

translate indonesia inggris Host isolation response. “terjemahan indonesia inggris”Host isolation response determines what happens when a host in a VMware HA cluster loses its service console/management network connection but continues running. A host is deemed isolated when it stops receiving heartbeats from all other hosts in the cluster and it is unable to ping its isolation addresses. When this occurs, the host executes its isolation response. translate indonesia inggris To prevent the potential for multiple instances of each virtual machine to be running if a host becomes isolated from the network (causing other hosts to believe it has failed and automatically restart the host’s VMs), the VMs will automatically be powered off upon host isolation.terjemahan indonesia inggris

translate indonesia inggris Enable VM monitoring. In addition to determining if a host has failed, HA can also monitor for virtual machine failure. terjemahan indonesia inggrisWhen set to enabled, the VM monitoring service (using VMware Tools) evaluates whether each virtual machine in the cluster is running by checking for regular heartbeats from the VMware Tools process running in each guest OS. If no heartbeats are received, HA will assume the guest operating system has failed, and HA will reboot the VM.terjemahan indonesia inggris

Terjemahan indonesia inggris dan translate ketiga

VM monitoring sensitivity. terjemahan indonesia inggrisThis affects relatively how quickly HA will conclude that a VM has failed. translate indonesia inggris Highly sensitive monitoring results in a more rapid conclusion that a failure has occurred. terjemahan indonesia inggrisWhile unlikely, highly sensitive monitoring may lead to false identification of failures when the virtual machine in question is actually still working, but heartbeats have not been received due to factors such as resource constraints or network issues. Low sensitivity monitoring allows for more time before HA deems a VM to have failed. terjemahan indonesia inggrisAt the medium setting, HA will restart the VM if the heartbeat between the host and the VM has not been received within a 60 second interval. HA also only restarts the VM after each of the first three failures every 24 hours to prevent repeated failed restarting of VMs that need intervention to recover.terjemahan indonesia inggris

Terjemahan indonesia inggris dan translate ke empat

These 6 systems will be distributed evenly amongst the 3 clusters resulting in 2 FT-protected virtual machines per 8 hosts initially.terjemahan indonesia inggris
All VMs to be protected by VMware FT will have only one vCPU and disks configured eager-zeroed, also called thick-provisioned (not thin-provisioned). translate indonesia inggris An eager-zeroed thick disk has all space allocated and zeroed out at creation time; this takes a bit longer for the creation time, but facilitates optimal performance and better security.terjemahan indonesia inggris

FT traffic will be supported with a pair of Gigabit Ethernet ports (see vSphere Network Architecture section). terjemahan indonesia inggris Since a pair of Gigabit Ethernet ports can support on average 4 to 5 FT-protected VMs per host, there is capacity for additional VMs to be protected by VMware FT.translate indonesia inggris
VMware Fault Tolerance is a component of VMware vSphere™ that ensures continuous availability for virtual machines against hardware failures. VMware FT creates virtual machine “pairs” that run in lock step – essentially mirroring the execution state of a VM. terjemahan indonesia inggris To the external world they appear as one instance (one IP address, one application) – but they are fully redundant instances.translate indonesia inggris
In the event of an unexpected hardware failure that causes the active, primary VM to fail – a secondary, formerly passive VM immediately picks up where the primary left off, and continues to
run, uninterrupted, and without any loss of network connections or transactions.terjemahan indonesia inggris

Terjemahan indonesia inggris dan translate kelima

This technology will also work across any application & any OS without modifications, without scripting, and provides translate indonesia inggris a much more cost-effective way of running mission critical workloads than fault-tolerant hardware dedicated entirely to individual applications.terjemahan indonesia inggris
At VMware, we say that “virtual is better than physical” very frequently, and our advanced development work on providing continuous availability for VMs – to enable VMs to keep executing, translate indonesia inggris completely uninterrupted by unexpected hardware failures – is one of the great examples of why this is true. We have taken technology implemented with very complex custom hardware by companies such as Tandem, Stratus etc and delivered it for commodity x86 hardware. terjemahan indonesia inggris
We believe translate indonesia inggris this technology, and all of the other business continuity benefits of virtualization will drive more and more mission critical workloads into virtual machines because they can enable HIGHER levels of availability, at a fraction of the cost & complexity of physical solutions.terjemahan indonesia inggris


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